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The Rose Room

Let the light in this room dazzle you as the prisms in the crystal sprinkle over the rich blue colored walls and white accented trim. French doors that lead to a Juliet style balcony can be opened during the summer to allow the fresh river breeze in. Dark blue velvet curtains add to its charm and e

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The Gwendolyn Room

A grand fireplace and French doors to the semi-private balcony lend an air of elegance to this beautiful room. This light, bright and spacious retreat is a guest favorite! This room includes a four poster king size bed, his and her closets and a chandelier twith matching sconces above the fireplace.

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The Terra Cotta Room

High thread count sheets, warm comforter and plush pillows await you! This room includes a walk-in closet, french doors open to a Juliet style balcony to allow the summer breeze in. This is a great room for reading and contemplation.

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The Garden Room

The Maid's Room sports a queen sized bed, high thread count sheets, warm comforter and plush pillows. This room is a favorite with our writer friends.

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The Mandarin Room

This room comes with a queen size, hand-carved bed that is original to the house, high thread count sheets, walk-in closet, and soft, plush micro-fiber bathrobes. This room is favorite to enjoy an evening of wine and to simply relax while overlooking downtown Pendleton.

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The Attic Room

A private, cozy room on the attic floor, featuring two twin beds and a double hide-a-bed loveseat. This room is on our top floor with and accessed via a staircase (sorry, no elevator access). The Attic Room is more of a "treehouse" room for kids rather than adults.

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Events Venue

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Dining/Parlor Rooms

Great for parties, dinners, showers, and reception events A great "mixed use" area

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Wedding Garden

Beautiful and private outdoor venue for up to 300 guests

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