Not Just Another Pendleton Hotel or Motel

Government Rate Rooms

You must present valid and current agency ID at check-in

Government Rate Applies to Harris & Umatilla Rooms

Call us if these two rooms are already booked - we may have further availability!

On the road for your agency or government organization? Come stay with us in one of our government rate rooms!

Additionally, you will receive a personal welcome, the best hot breakfast in town (breakfast per diem rate applies also!), and the security of an on-site, live-in innkeeper, and location, location, location!!

Why stay at typical, nondescript, impersonal airbnb or hotel when you can enjoy a historic mansion located within a block of downtown and places to get dinner and have a drink?  We've got you covered with location, luxury, pricing, comfort and home cooked breakfast.

Note:  Mathersa, 1880 Pendleton Suite, and Viola rooms are not available at this rate.